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Transportation Choices 2020

Transportation Choices 2020 Education Project is a three-year campaign with the goal of ensuring that Rhode Island adopts a single transportation plan by 2011 that will provide clean, affordable transportation choices and reduce the state’s global warming pollution. In order to achieve these goals, we will:

  • Educate citizens, through community meetings and earned media, about the role that smart transportation choices play in solving global warming, protecting air quality and natural areas, broadening the prosperity in Rhode Island, and moving toward energy independence;
  • Work with regional and municipal planning commissions to agree to a set of principles that bind the state’s various transportation efforts;
  • Pursue administrative advocacy with the Department of Transportation and the Division of Statewide Planning to enact and promote transportation choices over single-occupancy vehicles both in administrative policy and marketing strategies;
  • Work with regional partners to build demand for the expansion of regional railways;
  • Build the New Public Transit Alliance to 30 member groups, including labor, faith, public health, and business groups;
  • Mobilize Rhode Islanders to demand a comprehensive public transportation plan with sustainable funding by 2011;
  • Develop a transportation package that can be responsibly financed and recommend marketing and promotional strategies to RIPTA; and
  • Advocate for the adoption of the finalized Transit 2020 plan by the Governor in early 2011.


Goals and Objectives

Public Education for Transportation Choices

Strategic Partnerships

The Sierra Club and The Sierra Club Foundation

Donor List
The list of donors to Transportation Choices 2020.


10, 2008
Jonathan Harris: Leverage investment with buses
The Providence Journal
IF THE HEAD of the Rhode Island Department of Transportation announced that he was closing down south-bound Route 95 from the merging of Route 146 to the Atwells Avenue exit because of budget constraints, would you believe him? What if he then said that he would only allow traffic on Route 6 between 7 and 9 a.m. and then 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. to reduce wear on the road to save money for repairs?

20, 2008
Editorial: Transportation themes
The Providence Journal
And improving mass transit helps maintain infrastructure by reducing wear and tear on highways and bridges. It’s only fair that those who use the roads pay more of their ever-rising costs.

21, 2008
OP-ED: Bailout (and Buildup)
The New York Times
By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN The 2 is back. Last week, U.S. retail gasoline prices fell below $3 a gallon — to an average of $2.91 — the lowest level in almost a year. Why does this news leave me with mixed feelings? Because in the middle of this wrenching economic crisis, with unemployment rising and 401(k)’s shrinking, it would be a real source of relief for many Americans to get a break at the pump. Today’s declining gasoline prices act like a tax cut for consumers and can save $15 to $20 a tank-full for an S.U.V.-driving family, compared with when gasoline was $4.11 a gallon in July.

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28, 2008
A Fare Choice: How Rhode Island Can Invest in Public Transit and Energy Independence
The Sierra Club Rhode Island Chapter
On the heels of a proposal to cut 20% of Rhode Island's bus service, the Sierra Club released a report in August 2008 that identifies the costs of automobiles and imported oil to our economy and environment and the best practices from around the nation in investing in clean, affordable transportation choices.

28, 2007
Getting from Here to There: Transportation Solutions for Rhode Islanders
Sierra Club Rhode Island Chapter
In June 2007, the Sierra Club released a report, "Getting from Here to There," which illustrated the obstacles to improving public transit in Rhode Island and provided solutions that have worked in other regions of the nation.

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If you would like to support the Sierra Club's Transportation Reform Project, please make a donotion to the Sierra Club Foundation - Rhode Island Chapter and indicate that your gift is for Transportation Choices 2020.

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