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Lincoln Woods Hike - 1/1/2012


The Outings Club breathed in the fresh air of 2012 on their New Year’s Day hike around Olney Pond in Lincoln Woods. The weather remained unseasonably nice which encouraged many others to get out to the state park as well; the lakeside was bustling with walkers, joggers, and their dogs, all getting a head start on their fitness related New Year’s resolutions.  The loop around the lake, while paved and often within a stone’s throw of a private back yard or Route 146, still provides the feeling of being out in nature. The irregularly shaped shoreline also allows for the adventurous to leave the paved walking path and do some exploring on more traditional side trails. The park also offers more secluded hiking and equestrian trails in its northern section, away from the lake.

Attendees arrived at the park around 1pm after sleeping off their New Year’s Eve adventures. They walked the loop in a little over an hour sticking mostly to the main path, but also diverting for some ‘rock climbing’ to get a better view of the lake. Joanna Detz, one attendee who is familiar with the park from previous visits, noted how versatile it can be. “I have been here in each season and there is always something different going on,” said Jo, “people rent kayaks in the summer, go ice fishing once the pond freezes over in the winter, and come for the great bouldering year round.” Though her dog Tanner did not comment, he seemed not to care why Jo kept coming back, as long as it meant more walks for him.

Kristin Proft, a visitor from out of town who decided to join in on the Sierra Club’s New Year’s Day hike, enjoyed her first experience at the park as well. “I’m not familiar with the area around Providence, so it is nice to get out and see something new. This was unquestionably worth the drive up from New York,” she said with a smile.


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