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Yawgoog Trails Hike - 11/19/2011


The Rhode Island Chapter Outings Club took to the trails on Saturday November 19, 2011 at the Yawgoog Trails, in the Rockwood Management Area. The trails, all located around Yawgoog Pond and the Boy Scout camp that encompasses it, offered a refreshing retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The participants were on the trails at 11am and enjoyed three hours of hiking through varied forest settings. At times, the trail hugged the lakeside, offering mirror-like views. At other points, the hikers found themselves scrambling along high cliffs which dropped off to a burbling stream in the gorge below. The trail also had attendees hopping across shaded streams on stones and logs, and crouching to walk though a fairytale-esque stand of tunnel-like rhododendron bushes.

The camp was alive with Boy Scouts on overnight camping trips designed to teach survival skills. You could pick them out at a distance because of their orange hats, worn to avoid uncomfortable confrontations with hunters, as they trekked through the woods. One Boy Scout that we ran into at a campsite deep in the forest beamed with pride when he told us that his troop had carried all of their supplies in on their backs, an impressive feat for those of us who saw how much equipment that was. He then went back to cutting and eating his apple with his pocket knife. 

The Outing Club also ran into some Scout fathers at a camp pavilion who were responsible for preparing dinner. They were roasting six turkeys in cookers made of tripods, tinfoil, and rebarb which looked like 4 foot metallic Tee Pees. It would take them 6 hour to cook the birds, but they knowingly told us “it’s worth it.”

“It was a great day,” said Nova Quinn, one of the attendees of the Yawgoog outing. “We got outside, saw natural wonders like foam thumbprint eddies in forest streams, interacted with the community, learned about local flora and fauna, and made new friends to boot.”

Ben Jones, Outings Committee Leader, was thrilled with the varied natural beauty experienced on the trails. “I have done a lot of hiking in Rhode Island,” Ben noted, “and I would say the Yawgoog trails offer the most diversity I have seen in such a small area.”

Except for one close encounter with an 18 inch garter snake, the day was relaxing and offered everyone who attended a chance to breathe some fresh air and forget about the outside world for a few hours.

Yawgoog Pondside   Yawgoog Fingerprint

Yawgoog Climbing   Yawgoog Pond


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