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A Race to Renewable Energy

Rhode Island is replete with renewable resources. If Rhode Island is able to get both community wind projects and large scale wind farms working before Connecticut and Massachusetts, it is likely that Quonset Point, once the site of a proposed environmental nightmare, will be the setting of a wind turbine manufacturing facility that will serve all Northeast wind projects. Such a facility will generate many new good union jobs and move us towards energy independence.

The available wind resource in Rhode Island is four times the amount that the Carcieri administration has proposed for procuring for Rhode Island’s electricity mix. Little Rhody can, for the first time, create a lucrative energy export.

Our strength as the Ocean State allows us to invest in wave and tidal energy at Point Judith which will supplement native wind-generated electricity. And with all the roof space in Rhode Island, it is a wonder why there aren’t more solar panels. By reinvesting in Rhode Island’s solar industry, we can make sure that every roof in Rhode Island has the potential to provide electricity and hot water.

Take Action!

Send an email to the Coastal Resources Management Council and let them know that we need to get renewable power online in Rhode Island quickly. See a letter from the Rhode Island Chapter to the CRMC.

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